2001 Geiyo Earthquake, Japan

So-called "Hiroshima Earthquake", "Akinada Earthquake"

Earthquake data from USGS

Date & Time(UTC) : Mar.24, 06:27:54
Epicenter : N 34.083° E 132.526° Depth = 50km
Maginitude : Mw 6.7
Comments : Two people killed, 161 injured and about 3,700 buildings damaged or destroyed in the Hiroshima area. Main water lines broken and railroad tracks damaged in the epicentral area. Felt throughout western Japan from the Kyoto area to Kyushu. Also felt in South Korea. Recorded (5U JMA) in Hiroshima and Okayama Prefectures, Honshu and Kagawa Prefecture, Shikoku; (5L JMA) in other parts of Okayama Prefecture, Honshu and Ehime and Kochi Prefectures, Shikoku. Also recorded (5U JMA) on Shodo-shima.

Photos captured from NHK TV. Click small photos to enlarge (not clear).

Need more clear image?
Visit Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering Lab., Hiroshima Univ. for liquefaction.
Visit Architectural Institute of Japan for the collapsed building.

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